The Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical technique in which magnets and radiofrequency waves are used to image the parts of the body without the use of X- rays.

It generates useful and different anatomic plans for:

  • The identification of pathologies of the soft tissues.
  • The study of problems in the column and articulations.
  • The evaluation of the urinary system, biliary tract and blood vessels.

The MRI is ideal for the pediatric field due to the lack of ionizing radiations which make it a safe and a not invasive study with any side effects.

At IDACA we have an open resonator for patients suffering from claustrophobia, babies, children, and obese people.

Patient information


Our staff will place you on a comfortable stretcher which slides into the resonator and give you an eiderdown so you cannot feel the cold. While the test is going on you will hear several non continuous sounds that are part of the different sequences of the test.

To reduce the time of the MRI and obtain better images is necessary that you stay still during the test. Through the intercom you will be able to talk to the technician who will keep an eye on you from the outside of the MRI room and let you know when the study is over. If you wish, you can be accompanied by a relative.


It will depend on the kind of MRI to be performed. The patient will have no preparation before if no supply of IV contrast agent is needed. For those patients who require an administration of IV contrast agents, they must be in fasting for 8 hours and bring a recent a lab exam with the results of the levels of urea and creatinine.

On the day of the test, it is important that all the patients bring the medical order, the previous studies (if they have) and comfortable clothes with no metal pieces such as sport pants. It is forbidden to bring any kind of item of clothing such as bracelets, watches, earrings, jewels and piercings.

All of these suggestions will make the test easier and reduce the wait time.


The RMI is a safe, non invasive test with no side effects. Nevertheless, it cannot be performed in people having pacers, clips in the brain, pieces of metal, ocular implants, auricular prosthesis or any other foreign body. If the patient has any of these objects, she/he must tell the doctors about it for his/her own safety.

If the patient woman is pregnant o suspect about it she also must inform the doctors and staff about.


It is mandatory to bring the medical order on the day of the test.

The simple MRI are performed by order of arrival from Monday to Fridays from 8:00am to 5:00pm and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 1:00pm

In case of RMI with contrast medium, the patient must schedule an appointment previously by calling at the phone number: (305) 557-0330.

For Physicians

At IDACA we have an open resonator from which we obtain high image quality results in wait times relatively shorts.