CT scanning is a test in which ionizing radiation and advanced computer systems are used to obtain precise high quality images in short time of either soft tissues or bone structure. It is ideal for the study of small lesions and the benign/malign differentiation processes

Patient Information


Our staff will place the patient on a comfortable stretcher which slides into the CT scanner. The physician will instruct the patient on how they must inhale. Patients can ask for blankets if they feel cold at any point of the study.

During the study, the patient will feel the table moving, and hear the sound of an X-ray tube.In case the patient was given a contrast medium, they will feel a wave of heat in their body for a few seconds.

In order to get better high image quality results in less time, it is necessary that you stay still during the test.


It will depend on the kind of CT scan that will be performed on the patient.

For the studies in which no contrast medium is required, the patient will not need any preparation. Give the case that the CT scan requires medium contrast, the patients must be in a fasting period for 8 hours and bring a recent lab exam with the results of the levels of urea and creatinine.

On the day of the test, all patients must bring a medical order signed by their physician, the previous studies if th ere were any, and comfortable clothes with no metal pieces, such as sweat pants . Items such as bracelets, watches, earrings, jewels and piercings are forbidden.

All these suggestions will make the test easier and reduce the wait times.


The CT scanning is a safe test performed in short time and its only counter-indication is for women who are pregnant or suspect it.

However, there are certain risks in cases where iodinated contrast is needed. For that reason, please tell the doctor o nurse if:

  • You are allergic to iodine
  • You are allergic to seafood
  • You are a diabetic
  • You have a kidney failure


It is mandatory to bring the medical order on the day of the test. The simple CT scans are performed by order of arrival from Monday to Fridays. From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. In case of CT scans with contrast medium, schedule an appointment by calling at the phone number: (305) 557-0330.

For Physicians

We offer superior technology that delivers multiple benefits for our patients and treating physicians, such as the reduction of radiation dose and exposure, leading to high quality imaging and precise diagnosis.