IDACA is a Venezuelan company founded in 1994. Its activities are about the administration of imagining services by offering the concession model.

The first IDACA branch was opened on December 1st 1994 and only offered RMI services. And as years went by more equipments such as CT scanners, x-rays and ultrasound machines were incorporated until making possible to offer all the units that nowadays the community can make use of.

IDACA offers imagining and interventional services in different hospitals and health centers in Venezuela counting on CT, x-rays, ultrasound, mammogram, bone density and RMI scanners and nuclear medicine with the most advanced technology to generate high image quality and help radiologist give more precise diagnoses and treatments. It is a win – win because either patients or treating doctor receive benefits from IDACA advanced equipment.

Nowadays, IDACA is located at Centro Medico Docente La Trinidad, Clinicas Las Ciencias and C.C Oasis Center in Guatire. And it is one of the most important centers of imagining services in Caracas due to its nationally and internationally well-known staff of doctors, nurses, technicians.

Since 2015 IDACA started its internationalization and in 2016 opened its first branch abroad in Florida, USA. It is specifically located at city of Hialeah. IDACA, USA offers services such as: bone density scanning, RMI, X-rays, mammograms, CT scanning and ultrasound scanning.



To offer the best interventional and imagining services with the most advanced equipment and high qualified staff.

To materialize our social responsibility towards Venezuela and the American continent through social responsibility programs focused on the integral health and early detection of breast cancer.


Integrity: because the members of the organization look after the well-being of their workmates, patients and their own.

Dedication and improvement: we propose a constant improvement of the quality of our services. The excellence is the result of our actions.

We give our patients the best attention in joint with precise examinations and diagnoses.

Through our social responsibility campaigns we make stronger our dedication to our country, patients and employees.

Since our aim is to live in harmony, we put more love and kindness in our dedication and in what we do for our community and workmates.


We want to become the best imagining and interventional service in America. We want to keep incorporating new technologies and offering comfort and attention to our clients. We continue improving our social responsibility programs so each year we can benefit more people and more communities.

Managment Filosophy

We want to convince our public that we are the best imagining and interventional option because we have advanced technology and high qualified staff from the doctors to the people in charge of handing in the results.